Friday, March 12, 2004

As you'll probably know...

...there's 192 dead and around 1500 injured -official numbers.

Which seem doubtful when they say officially that only 49 were in Intensive care yesterday, but people working in Hospitals and so on are getting different impressions:

Last night we had to stay 'till late, contacting and organizing to get supplies for hospitals -not only in Madrid, but elsewhere in Spain, as the Intensive Care Units (UCIs in Spain) are saturated. We had an emergency call from Cordoba, south of Spain, where they were receiving victims from the bombing, and they were running out of certain cables and connectors you change every so many patients... and our distributors are supplying equipment to the UCIs and Hospitals to cope with all the people in there.

For 41 critical states you wouldn't run out of supplies in Spain of certain components, would you?

We were contacting The States' offices to fly us cables etc urgently.

Today I've been phisically running around town to get cables and connectors from other companies to send to these hospitals.

And, to top it up, now there are serious reasons to think it was Al Qaeda, not ETA... or, as in a program I was watching last night, maybe a joint effort? - Interior apunta a Al Qaeda y no descarta a ETA

Finally, I try and keep in touch with Mary Anne, she's got a friend missing. My family in Mdrid is OK.

Ah, and with all the nerves and stress at the office... our server is not working and we can receive no emails to our company address, nor have our webpage working, so it was really hard to receive certain important information...

Guess how our bosses are right now?

Better sign off!