Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It's election time!

It's Estefania's birthday -the girl with me at the office is 30 today, so I sent her the BIRTHDAY JUKEBOX card.

And Election is coming closer in Spain, and the Election Rant by members of the current government is getting worse and worse.

There is Carod, this catalan independentist polititian that, quite stupidly, visited terrorist band ETA to talk to them and make them see they can not go on killing people, naughty boys!. This polititian then becomes part of the local catalan government, left wing/ecologist+socialist+independentist combination due to the sum of votes of three parties, quite an interesting combination and with quite a good mixture of members -needless to say, I'm glad it's my men who are in the local government now!.

So the Spanish government has attacked them saying that this carod guy had talked the terrorists into stopping attacks in Catalonia, but not in the rest of Spain! As if things were that easy and you could talk ETA into stopping their attacks! Anyway, this guy has had to leave the Catalan Government position he had, and is now almost considered a terrorist himself by the right-wing and low-level polititians in the current guvernment. He has actually been called a killer, and has brought trouble to the local and national socialist party -not that the national one was out of trouble before!

Then, ETA found a great way to create even more discomfort, and emitted a communication, the famous "comunicado de ETA" everyone is talking about now, where they say, with their own paranoid reasons, that they have realized that Catalonia is also an opressed country and they shall never attack us again, but only the opressors, Spain. This has been so ridiculous, it has become object of all sort of jokes and comments, as it is really surreal. So we have had our Catalan government having to publish an announcement in all the papers saying that neither the catalan Government, neither the Catalan People, agreed with the terrorist methods and that we eould never forget the killing of ... a list of catalan polititians, and terrorist attacks, ... nor of all our friends and family in ther est of Spain, nor of other Spanish Citizens.

How low can you get? Do the right-wing guys really think that the catalan Government has secretly pacted an agreement with ETA?

They are stupid and paranoid enough...