Thursday, March 11, 2004

At least 65 dead and over 100 injured in Madrid

A series of explosions in three commuter trains in Madrid has left the city paralized.

At 7:30 aprox., trains full of workers going to Madrid blew up and the city is in absolute chaos.

Our dear government has been so chuffed at catching two terrorists a few days ago, and saying they'd managed to stop a big terrorist attack in Madrid by this... they didn't even bother checking security in the trains, although they had seen the plans.

When ETA did the famous video, which I linked in my blog, the Spanish Right Wing gave it so much publicity and made it so important, they used it sooo much for their own political campaign, that ETA knows it's still the boss.

To read more, check - -I haven't been able to see any news of it in the English news in Yahoo, by the way!