Monday, March 29, 2004

Great weekend, busy busy

Started my b-day weekend by seing a friend at his shop and having a drink with him. Then met 3 friends who took me out for dinner & drinks paying for everything -until 3:30 am or so, when they left me on my own with Eva and I had to sponsor her a bit. Dinner was finally with Eva, Agnes and Jose Luis -none of the guys queuing to wine & dine me!

Had a couple of cocktails later on, mojito and some other stuff that went down mighty well, and when only Eva and I were left, we went to the disco, for a dance, and I started bumping into loads of people I hadn't seen in ages. Always the birthday girl, I kept informing everyone it was my b-day -otherwise it was worse: Eva would shout it out loud, amid uncontrolable laughter. Well, my mate Eva is somewhat out of control as a rule, and even moreso after a certain amount of drinks.

After quite a while dancing and talking, J. turned up, said he'd sent a bday sms -which I hadn't received, strange after sooo many sms since first contact a fortnight ago, but was finally true -me without battery by then.

Turned out to be quite cooler this time, I finally got to talk with him for a while and said I was going home soon, had things to do on Saturday -the disco closes at about 7-7:30 and if you're there 'till closing time, as usual, you just waste the next day completely. So we finally did leave together.

Guess what? cats are cool now! Proves Mary-Anne's saying that men are plasticine when chasing a woman!