Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Audit is over, new nerves coming...

Had a visit with the paediatrician this morning, and had 4 phonecalls from work -one to my boss, to calm him down, and three from the other girl, frantic as he didn't stop phoning to check what was going on. There is this really nasty meeting going on today, which I'd prepared quite well, and that may end our relationship with a very important supplier due to their new policies. Yesterday my boss said, at about 18:00h, that they had realized it would be better that I were in Valencia for this meeting, too! I kept my cool, and didn't react much, and he said 'It would be quite a pain in hte ass to make you come for the meeting, wouldn't it?' I said it would, so he said 'That's why we're telling you to'... and laughing he said there was no need, that they'd thought of it but would have given me a few days' notice, to organize my son's babysitting, etc. So, good job I stuck to my motto: Mind what you say to your boss!

By the way, a piece of news I laughed at yesterday: Ronaldinho smashes Santiago cathedral window For some reason, it reminded me of Mary-Anne!