Thursday, March 04, 2004

Mortadelo y Filemon -The Film

I'm looking forward to being able to see this filmLa gran aventura de Mortadelo y filemon, specially 'cause Mortadelo, actor Benito Pocino, is an acquaintance of mine -we've spent hours talking and specially, along many years, him trying to talk me into working for the Post, as he does, and me simply trying to make him understand it is not my cup of tea! In fact, I had been wondering why I hadn't seen him for a while... Mortadelo y Filemon was the reason!

The poster for this film was everywhere in Spain last year, and the actors were interviewed on TV, mags, etc. It was a really great thing 'coz it was based on a very popular comic, the real Mortadelo, that most people in their 30s and 40s read during their childhood and youth. And once the film was in project, they didn't think they'd find anyone to look like the character, a master in disguises, until after seeing 500 actors for the part, my friend Benito made his appearence at the Casting. He'd worked as an extra, and as a freak part in quite a few films and TV series, but this was his great day! And everyone was wondering if he really is this surreal or if he's faking -see videos of a TV interview- but he is!

Both actors were good for the part, but Filemon was already a profesional actor, and had make-up and false bottom. Benito actually is like this! And the film seems to have been good, too! -shame it caught me in one of those periods when I can not go to the cinema at all, for money and/or time/freedom reasons.

Right now I've been thinking of all this 'coz Benito has been in the news recently for a totally different matter: He's been involved in a big issue about Correos -the spanish Post- and its employment policy, asking for better conditions. So much for his looong talks on how I should have got into Correos too! By him being involved, the whole thing has been much more publicized than usual: El actor que encarno a 'Mortadelo' en el cine demanda a Correos, Benito Pocino demanda a Correos y Telegrafos, su antigua empresa...