Friday, March 26, 2004


I had J. and R. offering to take me out for dinner tonight, but who I wanted to take me out for dinner -NW- has said nothing! So my friend Eva asked me if I'd hinted, but I'm not doing that, I hate hinting for nothing, so it's best not to hint -or so I believe, after several frustated efforts in the past that leave me really pissed off and fustrated.

So it's going to be dinner with Eva and Agnes, I guess, and later on drinks with some other friends... though I haven't actually planned anything due to lack of cash. I'd like to go to La Paloma, though the puts me off

Been checking the news -in Spanish, this time, sorry!- and it seems most European polititians are glad to get rid of Mr.No, Aznar: El Periodico On another article, they say Aznar was sitting on his own while everyone else was chatting easily before the last meeting Only Berlusconi is going to miss you, Mr. Ansar!!!