Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The Reason

Gimme a reason to change things?

You want a reason to change?

32 Spanish film directors give you 32 reasons, having 3 minutes each for their short films. 32 problems, 32 situations. So many people wanted to collaborate, an initial idea for 6 or 7 clips became this long film, and people have had to be left out.

Spain is not as well as the Government pretends, and before the elections you should know what's going on.

Check it out if you have a moment. The film was made by a joint effort of over 300 people, working for free, and in less than a month as far as I know. They did their part to make things change, now you should do your part and vote consequently. Not voting does not fuck the system. It fucks you and all of us for the next 4 years, as it is usually the left-winged, anarchist, independentist, environmentally concerned, etc. who says "Fuck politics, I'm not voting". It's not the conservative, it's not PP, it's not the bankers, they do vote. Otherwise, how can you understand so many people in the streets marching against a government, and then this same government wins another election?

The people involved in this film have had all sort of warnings, and obviously have had no chance of TV screening... Yet screenings are all around Spain, in different organizations, pubic spaces, wherever someone applies for a copy for public screening.

FNAC is screening it simultaneously on Saturday 13 at 13:30h

Local televisions are also echoing the film

Can't do much else than recommend you to check it out, I'm going to try and get to FNAC this Saturday.

Interested? find out more at their page Hay motivo!

I may sound a bit obvious, but too many people think that by not voting they are going to make things change. And too many polititians are counting on this. Let's try harder this time.

Good luck.