Monday, March 01, 2004

As usual...

All hell breaks minutes before I should leave the office, after quite a dull morning. This is the problem when my boss is away. He wanted me to wake 3 people up in India -at midnight- 'cause he'd checked all the documents we had, and thought we'd be o.k. for the Audit, though missing some documents. The missing ones turned out to be vital and our Audit is stopped until we have them.

So I had the possibility to call US instead, but couldn't contact the right men -my usual problem, not only at work!?- and had to talk with other guys who knew nothing about all this shit.

My fault, according to my boss -his fault, as he was in charge of the Audit's documentation, and I did remind him how I'd discussed an email on friday with him and he said we should be ok with what we had.

One last phonecall to the States and I'm leaving! Must rush to get Hugo!

Phone's engaged all the time... wow! look at this piece of news: Naughty nursery rhymes show tabloid tattle not new