Friday, March 19, 2004

Ooops... Friday already

so I'll sum up what You gals asked me to tell out loud. But must keep names back, as too many guys I know are checking my blog now ;) -It's no problem, Vel and Mary-Anne, you'll know who I'm talking about anyway :D

Well. Saturday night, after all our political work, Marina & I went to this disco, M., and who was there if it wasn't N., the cool guy I worked for a month with about 13 years ago, and who I bump into every now and then... And he was looking gorgeous!!

Watching him from the distance, and thinking how he was all over me the last few times I'd seen hijm, when still with my boyfriend, I was just starting to make my mind up when Marina caught sight of him too -I thought she knew him too, so we both went near him and danced with him& friends. He was flirting all the time, but jokingly, real funny. But as he is one of those dangerous Bad Boys I usually go for, and am supposed to be keeping away from for a while, I kept thinking...'hey, I've always had fun with this guy but never thought of going any further 'coz he's my style, and I should steer away from these guys' But the other hemisphere was going 'Hmmm, so close, so handsome, his hair looks really good like that, wow look at this, hmmm... He may be more like Joan -a Tame Bad Boy'

So I had to start looking somewhere else, and this other guy made eye contact without realizing I was just trying to get out of the way. I pretended to think N. was after Marina, so i let them alone as this other guy came to talk with me, got into a conversation and i found him fun. J., his name was, what's yours? -wow, nice name, never heard it before -I always get that. No, not always. About a 5% of the times I'll get someone who'll tell me of some other woman they'd met with my name.

Well, what are you drinking? -JB & Red Bull -cool, I'll get you some - he buys me an Estrella! Beer doesn't mix well with whisky, honey, but ok. I'll have it.

Got talking, and I could see over his shoulder how N. was watching my moves- and Marina came up to us after a while, N. still there... I started to quite like J., but was still peeping at N. every now and then, and making eye contact most of the times. Yes, back in Town!!!

Finally I went home with J., nice guy, not a B.B. nor even a T.B.B., so I guess I did right in trying to swift my taste. Shame I kept wondering why I hadn't said anything else when N. kissed me good-bye, really sexy, and... NO! No, maybe next time, but I was right in not jumping all over him the first time I see him without Joan around!

Well, J. seemed a nice guy, full stop. We had a good talk and laugh in the morning... he didn't leave 'till about 18:00! and then he sent me a couple of messages to meet during the week. 'listen, don't you remember I said I have a son? can't go out that easily, just meet friends for lunch -hint, hint- during the week, and have some weekends off, not that many So I get a message going 'any time suits me, just call', blah blah. No, shouldn't be nasty, but it did sound, as Mary-Anne puts it, lap-dog-ish! -you know? dog people, cat people? He didn't like my cat around, too!!!!!!!!!! -Lenny from The Big Picture knows what that means: It's my cat, I said, and this is his home. And, of course, his pops have dogs, something understandable, whileas cats are useless. Went on about it just a bit too much.

Reminded me of Joan, my ex-boyfriend, also a cat lover -two cats have him as a pet- and how he always fears the girl he likes will turn out not to like cats!

Well. Got a phonecall too, him saying 'Whenever you have a moment, call me. Well, maybe some time I can't make it, but usually there's no problem (...)' Naughty me with Mary-Anne on the messenger following this transcribed!

Sorry, J.! I just get itchy when a guy is sooo easy!

That's why I'm on my own. O.K., O.k. I know. My fault, my choice. Remind me when I get lonely again :(

Change subject: Nate's being really honey-honey, really nice with me. Oops! Everyone to initials now: NW is being really nice. Sent some melting text messages... No, I don't fool around with him. I really like him, but can't see myself having a serious relationship with him. Don't ask me why. And I know he's there and has been waiting for me to be free again, and is really nice to me without being exactly a Nice Guy -my definitions. More like an Ex-T.B.B. become Sweet Guy. Lovely! Slurp!

Which reminds me: Hungry! bye!