Friday, February 27, 2004

End of a stressful day of work

We've had some good news and some bad news, business sense of course, and both of them have meant many phonecalls and e-mails backwards and forwards!

Both bosses where shouting at a time, through the phone, and I was supposed to resume their #@%$@# and their contradictory decisions to phone 2 or 3 people and cancel business contacts with a certain company. Decided not to move an inch until both calmed down a bit and agreed upon what exactly they wanted me to do: Cancel our business with them? or Cancel next week's meeting? or Discuss new pricing policy? or Disagree with their new European Policy? or Call ex-worker of this company to help us understand what's going on? or Contact their direct competence?

Managed finally to scare the shit out of the poor girl in charge of dealing with us, and lower a supposed +37% to +43% increase in our distributor prices to an aprox. +5% increase, and my boss still said I hadn't pressed them hard enough!

Nice weekend everybody!