Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Yesterday I had lunch with this guy, Miquel, who is a philosophy teacher and really nice and sensitive... we were discussing work, as I might translate one of his published articles to publish internationally... and as we were eating, we realized how much we had in common -he is raising a son on his own, younger than mine, as his wife died a few years ago.

We had met a number of times due to mutual friends, I've even eaten at his place a few times -my friends were trying to fix us a date, but we were not that interested in each other, just thought of each other as "nice, interesting, as many other intellectuals in their group of friends". I am talking about my friends in Terrassa, the biologist & the art critic - philosophy doctorate, whom tend to make dinner parties with in-te-lec-tu-al-s (and me! -just joking, they think much more of me than I do myself!).

Now we had a really close, intimate conversation, he was giving me details he would have never dared of before about his new girlfriend, his doubts, problems with adapting and coping... and he was describing my problems to adapt when I was living with Joan!!! Then I was talking about anxiety with Hugo, how I observe him to check he is not developping a trauma beacause of his father's dissapearing and the violence he had seen, and the reactions in Hugo reminded Miquel of his own son's reactions, although he had always judged both kids to be totally different!

It was really curious. We had been soooo relaxed, when I had thought it would be a down-to-business conversation: he had always seemed to me a bit rigid, very strict with his son and quite "square".

Have his mobile & email, and he has mine. May keep in touch after finishing the translation? I am not planning anything, seriously, Velena!!! stop chuckling!!! but I would like to keep in mind these guys do exist -and I usually skip them when I look around.

My fault!!