Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Coffe problems...

Yess, the only thing that we need to make our office really Dilberty at times -Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!- is a decent coffe machine. Where would Wally be without it?

So, I've been chasing Nespresso 'cause, though I tried with the most famous make of Coffe Machines For Offices in Spain -Lavazza- and also with A Good Quality Coffe -office coffe machines dept. -Illy- they were not as good as my boss' beloved Nespresso machine results. The claimed 48 hour delivery of free test machine was in fact two weeks, much to my boss' disbelief!

But it was going to be worthwhile, as Nespresso coffee machines stop all by themselves when they have finished making coffee, not like silly Illy -ha!- and company, where if you leave the coffee machine working while you go to the toilet -why should you, anyway?- you get a cup overflowing with brownish water, matching the table and floor! No understanding that other companies also have automatic machines, but they are bigger, for bigger offices. It was a matter of nespresso being the coolest make -and best coffee.

Which reminds me, when we tried Lavazza, he said I should have brought Illy first, out of the two companies I'd proposed to compare, as they have a better coffee. Lavazza's machine seemed to be awsome to him at first. Then, when Illy came, he realized Illy coffee in an office machine is not quite the same as in a bar. And he prefers Lavazza's machine, after all, when at first he thought Illy's was much better looking.

Finally, the guy comes with the machine, which he explains is not automatic, but the only difference is that instead of stopping on its own, we stop it when we think the coffee is o.k. Ha! I said he'd better bring something that knows when to stop, if he wants to make business with us! So he goes back to his car and brings a machine that has no eneuresis problems, and shows us how it works -the water diposit is less handy than both others, as to fill it up from the water fountain, it doesn't fit properly and water falls all over the floor, so I fill it up with a plastic cup- and, wow, the capsules are really trendy, I must admit! O.k., let's get down to prices etc., ...and it is not in the same system as the other ones -machine for free use as long as we buy a certain amount of coffee per month, or otherwise rent the coffee machine out and drink as much or as little as you wish- but they said we should buy the machine, which used to be the third option in other companies, and what my boss said he found most interesting -but now, when I phoned to ask him where did he want the invoicing to go to -our office, as something extra, or to our headquarters as everything else goes- he was shocked at having to buy the machine!!!

And then he was asking for the price, and all this while he was eating in a restaurant and we could hardly hear each other over the phone, and he was asking me the shape of the machine... I felt so stupid trying to describe as precisely as possible, answering to all his questions, the machine I had with the salesman in front of me!

Let's try it...

Must leave! Mistery guy is waiting for me at the door.