Monday, February 16, 2004

...and carnival is approaching!

Hugo wanted to be Death this carnival. No joking was allowed -I told him he was already the death of me when he refused to go to bed, homework, all that intolerant shit you get forced to do when you're a mother and realise kids simply do not understand your lack of pressure is supposed to mean you trust the brat to do what the brat is supposed to do!!!

Sooo... here we go again, Carnival costume Last Minute Decision as usual, after changing his mind so many times during the last month.

Yes, honey, Death you shall be...

Remember my 8 euro left, so I'm borrowing money I shall have to return?

Well, about 25 euro or more went in half an hour, when I took Hugo to La Bolsera -paradise of Carnival gadgets- and the other specialized shop I never remember that is nearby, but for some reason I always tend to ignore. No, not for some reason. For price reason.

So my loving baby has a really cool skeleton mask, adult size as he always insists, which makes him look like some sort of weird dwarf -cool side-effect for horror costumes, though he doesn't realize!. I was stupid enough to fall in love with some skeleton hand-gloves, obviously adult sized, but I showed them to Hugo and had to get them. And sew elastics hidden inside, to prevent adult glove-carnival hands falling off an eight-year-old.

And the scythe, really cool, and -stupid expense, cool gadget- a rubber viking-meets-goth looking weapon supposedly made out of skulls. Sorry, my goth side went mad...

So my mother ofers to buy the cloack. Yes, great, much too much money flew already... Hugo was worried because he's starting to realize his granny is uncapable of buying the right thing in these cases. I reassure him and offer to adapt as necessary whatever she buys...

A DRACULA CAPE??? WON'T COVER BUT HIS BACK, AND BARELY HIS SHOULDERS??!!! KNEE-LENGTH!!!???? NO HOOD!!!??? Has my horror-movie-loving mother forgotten what Death is supposed to look like?

No. Cheap bargain in Splaff supermarket. Hate her for a moment. Hugo hates her even more -by the way, meanwhile I had decided to end Valentine's day at my parent's being my father's saints day -Valentín-

Had to decide which of my oldest black shirts I no longer use can be given to Hugo, break and adapt and old black skirt, make a hood to go with the cape...

Final result is quite acceptable. Guess Hugo will make me get to do his whole costume again next year, as usual. No trusting my mother, for sure.

Oh! And what am I supposed to be for Hugo's school carnival? A Pirate. One of the few costumes I have never used, as I found boring. But cheap: bought only the eyepatch+hook hand, and have clothes that Hugo accepts look quite pirate-ish when put together.

Wish me luck.