Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Planning any exciting trips?

Was supposed to spend a weekend at my friend Jose Luis' little house in the country, he has a great plot of land with an extension of Pinetress Woods... sold relatively cheap to him as he can't do much to it, not allowed to cut it all down -but he doesn't want to! ...and it's real fun to have your bar-b-q there, run around in your own woods...

Didn't happen!

Supposed to visit my friend Malena for a weekend, at her nice house in a small village down the coast, near Sitges -cool seaside village- and have some fun together while her kids kept mine busy...

Didn't happen!!

Supposed to visit my friend Isabel at Terrassa for a weekend, go to the cool park which goes through the town, have some wine together and gossip once her husband and my son fall asleep...

Didn't happen!!!

So, any guesses about the chances I'll get to visit my friends Kris and James at their new house in Turkey???? PreTeena