Monday, February 16, 2004

Changed template, thanks to Blogskins

Today I have had some time in my hands, so... what do I do? My translation for the hunky philosophy teacher, to earn my much needed money???

Ha! you don't know me that well, then!

Changed my template thanks to Blogskins News and wasted ages trying with another template that included a pic, was really cool, but I could not get my own pic posted on it and got pissed off and @*##@% so made my mand up for this one, nice and simple -as its name: simple blue. As your dearest blogger, simple and nice Aurea :)

Should try and contact a few people by email now -for work.

By the way, why do both my bosses think of really urgent business to discuss over the phone with our various Korean suppliers after their working hours, and insist in calling 'cause "those guys work long hours" -it may be 10 or 11 pm, as we have 8 hours difference here in spain!

Same as with the Indians, too -I have to catch poor rema on her way home, on her cell, almost every day!