Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Another visit this week!

Last week we had two days without boss(es), though through the phone it is even worse sometimes, as they were in Germany.

Came back and had some Dutch guys showing their sensors... and really long ones, too...

This Monday I was on my own, as three people from the office went to a hospital in another town, to try and make them change the Intensive Care equipments... but on Tuesday we had our Korean guy coming -see my previous entries- today bosses are meeting in Valencia, plus the Korean guy, and tomorrow we are really busy with this Indian guy who is a real big fish, so everyone who is anyone in our company was supposed to be here tomorrow, even a guy from our American office was going to fly here for the day but finally can't make it (?)

I've just found out that on Friday a French guy -or guys? still not confirmed- is also coming for yet another meeting.

Fortunately, I'm not having to book all the hotel reservations, as in some cases they can see to themselves, but many rooms and flights are being asked for at the last minute!!!

Which reminds me, my boss in Val. has not asked for the train or flight back yet!!! -doesn't know what time he wants to leave yet. Got his hotel room seen to, though.

Just been asked to find accomodation for the French, and I know in two weeks' time there is a big meeting in Val., an audit, with British auditors and people from my office in Bcn attending too, and the day after a Korean guy from another firm -another big fish- is coming to discuss his company's merge!