Monday, February 23, 2004

Emails from the past...

I keep receiving emails from my ex-co-workers (?) at the Fashion Company I used to work -remember, Head of Export dept., Invoicing and Customer's Accounts, Customer's satisfaction, P.R., Press Releases, Claims to Shipping agencies and Insurance Companies... all for 965 euro a month!Efficent Workers And Their Retribution The situation seems quite stuck there, bad vibes, more and more rules... I'm really glad I'm out and can forget about that shit!

Though here, of course, things are getting frantic because of the Audit! And - o.k., he was joking, but my boss asked me again what am I going to do to get a good coffee machine for once!!??

Shall be writing soon -tomorrow, if not sooner- about the Great Wet Carnival With Hugo... Tension! Nerves! Confusing Personalities! Dancing! Losing A Wap -toy- Between 20 Kids Who Collect Them!