Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Personal Assistant -or Escort?

No, just joking!

But I have been told that, for the first few days while he's adapting, I am there to help and assist in any kind of need the Korean guy that has come to spend some months -anything between a year, first agreement, and a month, yesterday's decision- in our Bcn office.

Yesterday morning I took him to the flat I'd rented for him -a small studio, but uptown, and with central heating! If I hadn't my son, I'd rather live there than where I am now!!! And I managed to get it cheaper!!!

Then, lunch with him + boss + anaesthetics specialist, and half-way through the afternoon I had to go shopping with him, get his blankets, pillows, etc sorted out, show him where to charge his mobile...

Knocked off work earlier, as if it had been around 6:10 p.m. by the time I left him in a taxi on his way home, I wouldn't have hed to go back to the office -I work 'till 6:30, mon-thur, and 'till 3pm fri, but I am usually in the office 'till 7 most week days!

He caught the cab at 10 to six, but I decided my watch was showing 6:05 or so.

It really wasn't worth catching the underground, then walking to work for ten minutes'work?!

Supposed to have lunch with mistery guy today.

Ah! and sent email to the Ph. teacher to say I'm not doing the translation. Too busy.