Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hi, Mary-Anne!

Glad to read Mary-Anne is actually happy with one of her latest dreads: a new kind of classes, computer-based -see her blog quejarse de vicio- as she LURVES technology!

Actually, I love technollogy when it works and is easy to use, too! (?) But, surrounded as I am by electromedecine equipments, ordering spare parts I do not know :
a) What they're called in English,
b) Their name in Spanish,
c) What they're for, or
d) Which machine they're for!!!,

I'm getting to hate our technitian every time he turns up with a bit of plastic with wires dangling from it and asks me to get replacements ...hey, which company? Korea, India, Germany, US?!!!

The Big Picture comes to my help in these cases, following-up my Lennie Praise Day! Collections -- THE BIG PICTURE by Lennie Peterson