Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Been looked after this weekend. Been to La Paloma, too!

Weekend without Hugo to relax and have some time with my friends?

Well, Hugo was off with my parents and I found out on Feb. 6th that I had only 8 euro left for the month -biggest crisis ever?!

Don't know what's going on, my bank keeps paying stuff -ok, then it is right, but bills are coming at odd dates!

Anyway, Eva tried to comfort me by inviting me to her brother's farewell party -food and drinks for free- and Nate phoned to meet later.

Party did not exist. It was a pay-your-own-stuff meeting at a shop(!), to go to see a performance that cost 10 euro and was not that good -I used to be in the performance scene, remember? -but at bars and discos.

Managed to grab Nate while still not too down, and he saw I was -quote: "Not your usual happy self" unquote- so I told him about my shock at the bank and he paid for the night drinks & disco. He even went to La Paloma with me, after trying to persuade me to take it easy and go home to "relax". Nice, he was really nice.

Problem: Think he's getting hooked on me again, he keeps saying things that sound odd -like he's looking for further commitment sort of thing. He hasn't started direct attack, as years ago, yet. But I am not considering living with him. Like him, love him in a way, but not in love at all. Sounds stupid? :P I am stupid, I know. And that is why I'll never get to the end of the month without having to go mad for three (8?) days.

Intrigued by Joan. Got messages, no calls yet. Seems to be making major changes in his life. Apologizes...

Should get back to work. Lunch time finishes in 4... 3... 2... 1...