Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Now I remember why I'd never risked blind dates before!

...even when my friends were willing to introduce me to great hunks!

No, no. Mistery guy was not at all what I had imagined -or wanted to imagine- at all. By the way, he'd said on the phone he was 1.78m, see yesterday's entry, but he is more likely to be 1.65 on high heels!

Bald, moustache, middle-age-roundness and not at all the kind of 43-year-old (or 53...)guy I hang out with, who look and act 10 or 15 years younger, but a proper middle-aged-pushing-it look and attitude! He is a metallurgy components salesman, too -stop laughing, Vel and Mary Anne! What do you mean act your age, lady, and go for a serious, responsible, boring middle aged guy! ...or, at least, be happy to get a free meal out of any man willing to invite you, and then call all your long-haired rastas or bikers, for the partying!

No, now honestly, I had quite a good conversation with him about all sorts of things -o.k., I had to disconnect every now and then, and managed to follow the plot as in southamerican soaps- until he started talking about his amazing job, and how he is the best salesman in the firm, and knows about nuts and bolts much more than the #@#&%#@ guy who is the new boss 'coz he's the owner's son-in-law... blahblah... I felt quite sorry, 'coz the conversation had been quite interesting really at the beguinning, but it had gone down to this ranting... so I tried to attack talking about the Pink Nickers Barbie at my previous office, but his story had no end... right 'till the door of my office!

Anyway, we said goodbye and he said we'd had a good time together, so we must repeat it some other time or meet for a coffee or something...

I do not think so, not a bad guy but he can go on with his casting