Friday, July 30, 2004


Last Friday... but hadn't been able to comment on it yet.

Well, actually, wasn't going to, but have been teased so much about it that I'll get the records straight.

Was at Magic disco, right? He was there, but much too drunk to walk in a straight line, and even to make himself understood by such an eager audience as I can be.

He whispered, then shouted something into my ear which I could just not understand... and walked out of the disco on his own.

His friends were around, and offering me drinks, and talking to me... does this mean he talks about me? Does this mean I mean something to him?

Hard to tell, of course. In any case, hung out a bit with them, but went on dancing on my own, and eyed this cute young guy, sort of grungey-looking but a grunge who has just had dinner with his parents sort of thing.

Smiles everywhere, got dancing together, ended up leaving together. So far, no news.

But. It seems he's some sort of fan of mine. Started going on and on about:
  • His age (repeated at least 20 or 30 times -no kidding- during the next hours that he was 28 years old)
  • His horoscope and ascendent
  • The clothes I'd worn during my last 5 or 6 visits to that disco
  • The people he'd seen with me, and his obsession about Him, The Guy, being an American singer or musician!!! -Got to tell him about that!
  • How his friends and he used to watch me dancing, soooo cool, sooo great, me and the woman dj there were their goddesses, drooled (and something more, as he admeitted) over endlessly
  • He finally said 'They will never believe this'. He went on and on about his friends not believing his story, when he'd tell them he'd spent a night with me.
  • He also let it quite clear that he'd be available any time, whenever I wanted to phone. As I refused to take his phone number, 'we'd see each other down at the disco', he let me know I'd have him at a click of a finger or something.

So far, so good. Why didn't I take his number, asketh thou?

Because the poor guy, when really excited, kept shouting Asin, asin, a wrong way of saying 'así' (like this) in Spanish, usually found among people of low culture... and quite distracting!!!!!!!

Maaaan, I've got my friends asking me if I want to go to this bar 'Asin?' or if the coffe is right 'asin'!!!!