Friday, July 09, 2004

'Dies de Dansa', my weekend plan

Every year there is this weekend when top dance companies and smaller ones are offering their new creations: classical, contemporanious, urban, folk, workshops... For further info:

·Program Dies de Dansa

·Dies de Dansa -History


O.k.,o.k.! said...

Was great.

Love the companies, the atmosphere, the organization

...I actually waited for what I judged the right moment and approached the guy who organizes it all. The man in charge of the company that organizes this, and the Marat├│ de l├ęspectacle I talked about a month ago. Knowing how they have the same staff for years, and seem a great place to work but not easy to get into, i approached him and asked him if we could talk a moment. To cut the story short, No, there's not any vacancies in the company, and Yes, there is a looong waiting list of people wanting their opportunity, but Yes, it was great talking to me and Yes, Thank Me for My interest...

It *was* a reallly pleasant conversation we had.

Watch out for me to start stalking people in charge of companies I would fancy working with :D