Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Vel is starting to enjoy Rushdie

As I said, am finding it hard to read... mi mind is going at a really high speed the moment i try to relax. Of course, I read when on the underground, when on the beach -which is not that often, and usually from 6 pm on- and when am on my own at a cafe, but the quality time is lower: Have my borrowed Chomsky almost untouched, fortunatelly its owner shall be away till end of August... and am into a novel, Stiller, that I am enjoying and had started reading fast, but am at a standstill.

Nonetheless, I seem to have made a good job at spreading my favourites once more: Vel asked me for something to read on the beach, and I let her go through what I had in English, then presented her Midnight Children, by Salman Rushdie. I knew she'd like it, but she said she didn't know the author and when she started reading it she was confused with all the names and Salman's style.

Told her to relax and go on reading. She's got into his magic world now, and is willing to read more when she finishes this one.

So, I'll start recommending some other authors and books to her... and in general.

Some day.


Iwan Manjak said...

Well, Rushdie may not be easy author, but he's really worth rading. He's also one of my favourites.

I've been spending years trying to make my friends to read him, but I'm afraid I'm not as successful as you are. :(

And, sadly, there are a lot of people who has never read any Rushdie's book, and who think he's just a bad writer famous only for being prosecuted by muslim fanatics.

My favourite: The Ground Beneath Her Feet. Amazing. :)

O.k.,o.k.! said...

Haven't read that one... shall be looking out for it! ;)

O.k.,o.k.! said...

Help for Vel, when getting confused: http://www.eng.fju.edu.tw/Literary_Criticism/postcolonism/Mid_Children.htm -I think you'll find it also interesting for your Indian project ;D

O.k.,o.k.! said...
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