Monday, July 19, 2004

Back to life after bronchitis

But just barely.
Been really sick for about 4, 5 days now.  Got my spirit back, but am still not eating well, and am coughing and chocking a bit still... and on antibiotics every 8 hours.
Great considering Vel came to visit me and has been hearing me choking and half dead the first night, not going out clubbing as expected but staying in all pissed off and 'poorly', and then yesterday I finally started humming and singing to myself as we were eating a bit out in a bar...
So yes, I'm getting back to my old self
Even started dancing at the traffic lights at times, as she noticed. O.k., Aurea's back to life!
Got loads of job ads to check, though... so I can NOT play with blogs, messengers, etc for today.
Ha, Ha, Ha. :P