Friday, July 30, 2004

Does this mean I am middle-aged now?

Got the shock of my life.

First, a few words to understand it: I'd been waiting, sort of calmly, for a check to arrive from my ex-Big Boss, for some money he still owed me. But, as I'd run out of money completely by Friday, I spoke to my ex-boss, the one I get on with. On Thursday last week I sent him an e-mail demanding the money, and on Friday I phoned to see how & when I could get payed.

Since that conversation, I've been expecting to receive a transfer, as agreed, for the 150 euro they owed me. By Saturday I had nothing left, and started borrowing from Vel, who was also running out of money after spending wildly on her first days here. Actually managed to spend only 1.20 euro one day, and only 3 euro another one (some other days it was... er... more!) On Tuesday I actually went to my ex-office to talk to my ex-boss, and as usual had great fun and laughs to be heard from across the street... and a promise over the phone from the Big One that the transfer would be made that morning.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday can be recorded as The Bank Checking Days. Vel and I stretched our last 20 euro between the two of us during the last two days, kept going to the bank to check my card... and eat and drank everything left in my fridge!!!

So when she left to the airport, i had ONLY 3 cents in my hand, 1.37 euro in the bank, and a last trip left on my transport ticket. Scary.

Eva came to help, lent me a 20 euro, bought me a beer and made me miss the open air screening of a Woody Allen I hadn't seen yet, but at least I didn't feel so vulnerable.

Today I checked the bank at 12:30, didn't dare before that, in case I cried... and  there I am dancing in front of the automatic teller, much to the amusement of the guys behind me.

Once my confidence got built up, I went to my bank office, over a half hour walk, or two metro stops and a walk anyway. Had to wait for an hour to talk to the directress, but a couple of days ago I also waited a while and then was told to come back some other moment, too busy.

Now, after my usual sort of a day... came the scare:

My bank offered me a 3,000 euro loan while unemployed, to help me out!!!!!!!!

I mean, they suggested it, and while I'm unemployed and pennyless!!!!!!!

The only reason why I work with this small, tacky bank is it's the only one willing to give me a mortgage!!!!!!! ...just to learn afterwards how few offices they have, and how complicated they get with paperwork sometimes.

I can also give you another point of thought: The only other person I know who works with this bank is... EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!  For the same reason, they gave her a mortgage when no-one else would!!!!!

O.K., their tellers don't work well or are closed out of business hours, they have more trouble with their cards not working... but they supported us!!!!!!

But a couple of months ago I'd asked for a 700 euro loan there and it took ages for them to give me it, and now suddenly...

Excuse me, I'm off to check the wrinkles on my face.


O.k.,o.k.! said...

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO...I'm not a respected middle-aged citizen:

After waiting for 5 days, my bank directress told me I could have the credit for 3,000 euro if my parents supported it, by being my guarantees. They had realised how poor I really am, *after* proposing the credit!!!

Either that, or I could re-do my mortgage, get about 12,000 euro to back me for what ever I needed, but spend 2,000 of these euro in expenses realted to renegociating my mortgage!!!!!!!!!! THANKS, BUT NO THANKS!!!!!!

poliwhirl said...

Oh shit! :(