Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Busy Weekend

Wanted to hang out at M., the disco I might bump into N. and that I like going on my own, anyway... was joking with Eva about setting the trap and about being on guard duty during the weekend. He had told me exactly how to get to the bar he hangs out at, but I became too shy both times I went there, and didn't even go through the door. Yes, Me, I am shy!!!

So the safest way for me to see him again is 'by accident' at the place we bump into each other most often. But the lat few times I've been there I didn't catch him, and for many reasons I haven't been at the disco for a while too.

So I'd set my mind up... and then I get this phone call from my friend who wants to sleep over on friday night. At first i told him I wanted to go out dancing, but then I accepted his company ;) and thought I'd leave my guarding for Saturday and hope he wasn't there on Friday. Had a nice night, mind you... but I can't go to that disco on weekdays, it opens only on Fri and Sat, so it was losing a chance there...

So that means I had to make sure I got there on Saturday, right?


NW phoned to say he'd invite me to lunch, and I hadn't seen him for 4, 5 days so I thought 'Yeah, I feel like lunch with him'. But lunch went on until the next morning, with playing some music, relaxing and having a nap, omg it's almost dinner time anyway and so on...

Yessssir, it seems between one and the other, they're keeping me away from trouble... or more competition!!!


O.k.,o.k.! said...

Ehem, hmmmmmh, huh... I think I shouldn't be so honest to the guy... I told my friend from Friday night that between him and NW I hadn't been able to catch N at the disco, and he laughed... and disappeared for two weeks!!!

Anyway, been back at my place last night ;D