Sunday, July 25, 2004

Teenage Madness

Been acting as Eva's guy once more.

Was her daughter's 14th birthday on Saturday, and I'd teamed up with her to make Eva let her have a teenager party at home. So it is partly only fair I went to help them sort the mess out.

Been cussing these kids badly. You are so young, you think you are adults and have no idea what you're doing. You can not steal from people in your hood. I live downtown, and people respect their neighbours, damn it!!!!!! And there were many strangers, but what about all the friends, many tough guys, what were you doing meanwhile???
Also helped and supported the kids, though, in front of the parents: It just got out of their hands, they're kids and thought they knew what they were doing... They'll help sort it out -WON'T YOU, GUYS???!!!
The story, in short, is that the party got wild when some total strangers started turning up and they thought it was cool, the more the merrier sort of thing... These strangers were:

*Gypsies they didn't know, but known by some of the tougher guys around
*Real Skinheads, not just wearing the looks like the girl's friends
*Juvenile delinquents everyone knew about, but thought it was cool to have them around.

So, when 4 mobiles -the trendy expensive shit, camera included and all- and a camera, plus 150 euro, plus a disc-man, plus God-knows-what, was reported missing, all the kids started shitting themselves and didn't know what to do.

There had been a couple of fist fights in the street by the kids at the party. One guy, son of Eva's best friend and also 14, living with them for the moment but not knowing these crowds as he's into other music and shit, got beaten up and has a black eye and 2 teeth are slack. Mind you, I heard he was totally drunk too and was looking for trouble a bit, but got locked in a room by 5 guys to beat him. All over this girl he likes and who was making up with her ex.

Besides, the whole house had been wreked -vomit everywhere, things broken... all this in the 2 hours or so Eva had left to give them some privacy.

When she got back home, she found teens all over the place, in the street, sitting on her steps, about 30 people in her house!!! kids crying because they'd lost their mobiles, kids totally out of their mind, most kids she'd never seen before (and wouldn't miss seeing again)

After kicking everyone out, she realized her home had been vandalized, even a wall thermometre had dissappeared, and however I am sorry and simpathetic, and have got involved in the story as I'll explain, I could not help remembering RISKY BUSINESS while she was telling me all about it.

So the day after, on Sunday, I was supposed to form part of this would-be mob or gang that was going to visit the suspected thief's house.



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