Thursday, July 29, 2004

Torero: Juan de Juan

 Torero, last night:

Amazing dancer, you can see Canales in him. It is the first show -Juan  de Juan does with his own company, starting his own flight into New Flamenco stardom.

The coreography was spectacular, specially the Bull -an incredible part that received even more ovations than Juan de Juan himself! The concept I found interesting, as though I haven't seen that comment written anywhere, I feel the bull seems more noble than the bullfighter, as there is a representation of all the stages the corrida goes through, with all the help of the picadores and banderilleros, while as the bull is on its own. Tremendous passion dancing. Still can feel it under my skin.

Downers of the night:
  • As we walked out of the theatre, we saw this corpse covered by a blanket. Apparently someone had jumped out of a window, and theh police had the area round the theatre restricted. Not easy to keep the same spirit you had just seconds ago after that.
  • No money left for me nor Vel, she'd been lending me money while I was expecting these 150 euro from my ex boss, but they have still not appeared in my account. So forget about our idea of going to City Hall partying the last night.