Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Been treasure hunting

...and came out of Happy Books with this book called 'El Latigo de Cien Colas', an illustrated book by Krahn, and with -hardly any- texts by Brossa. Only 1 euro!!!!! It's mesmerizing, I got onto a bus I'd never seen before, and just sat and went through the pictures... until I felt it was my 'hood, and there I was, two streets away from my flat!

Also bought an Antonio Gala book, as I've only read one before and quite liked it. 3 euro. Worth giving it a try. I'd never thought of reading his novels, until Nate gave me one, some years ago...

Finally, I must admit I gave in and got the book everyone's been talking about for the last few months. The Da Vinci Code. Was waiting till the craze wore off, but saw it at a low price and gave in. Am curious. Sorry, Mary-Anne. But I promise, on the other hand, to go watch Michael Moore's film on the free open-air cinema in a fortnight, the Bowling For Columbine I kept refusing to pay for :P

Have to finish some of the books am on now first... last weekend I chose two in french for my Dear Sis, as she's asking me to lend her novels or books 'that are interesting, and in french, to make me revise my French' So I selected for her La Peste, by Camus, and a Sartre, I think it was L'existentialisme est un humanisme, or La Nausée, can't remeber. Because I had La Peste in my hands for too long, and before catching the train to Lloret I was allready reading it again, as I hadn't read it since I was about 20. Once at my parents', I decided to leave it there, lend her it, and read it later on -probably as soon as its returned to me next week?

Made me think of all the books I'm planning to re-read, and wonder why I'm buying new ones.

So I silently glide my fingers over the drawings on Krahn's book, and let myself go once more...