Monday, August 09, 2004

SMS storage

I think someone told me once that there was some way to store sms you don't want to erase -I mean, store without clogging up your mobile and giving you space to receive more sms. I guess it shall be, if anything, some Nokia thingy.

There are many reasons why you cling to sms. Some are useful information you carry on you. In this case, I usually copy them into the 'outbox' sms list. But in my mobile, a cheap crappy TSM5, this is not always useful. You can only do that when you write it out again and store instead of sending.

When in love, there are hundreds of sms you hate erasing, but there are dozens you would actually keep for ever, XXI century love letters, with all the spontanious urge of love, lust, desire, fun... I went though a love realtionship verry much based on SMS, where we used to exchange all sort of hot, funny or romantic SMS from home, work, on the Public Transport... When this relationship ended, I eventually erased them all, as I had very little space for incoming messages, but I still would have rather kept them somewhere.

It is not the same to copy them down on a piece of paper, to keep.

You have the signature of date, hour... you remember the situation involved, and though you don't keep them all, you rememebr what you replied, what happended then...

Right now, I have my list of unerasable SMS down to 8, but my phone has trouble receiving them once I'm up to 14 or 15... I remember in my previous Motorola it was 25, and some people I know have literally a hundred or so!!!!!!!

Just got rid of another SMS I couldn't erase, it was someone's bank account for me to pay her back the 100 euro she lent me... So am left with those SMS that are not love messages, but are those things people write in a hurry without thinking and are a perfect snapshot of their personality. I had to get rid of some of those too -i mean, with my ex I still get into SMS marathons where we send each other 26 or 30 messages each in one day, then keep quiet for a month!!!!!!!

Here are some of the SMS I have kept right now. They are all in their original language, sorry if you can't read Spanish... and one is in Catalan. The sintaxis is the original one too -part of their character. Those of you who know me personally, and who know my friends a bit, can guess who they are from. But most are in English or Spanglish!!! One hint: One is from Malena, the Italo-French designer, one is from Mami, the Japanese Busker, one is from Xavi, the night of the cacerolada, one is from Bodyfriend and one is from my ex, Joan.
  • Estem fent la revolucio vine
  • o que bien ,losangeles d charlie se van d marcha!
  • Hey im here right in front of el corta inglish sitting on branch look for me
  • No. Aquella actriz que me gusta y no sabía que era ella. Que en la peli saltaba y habia unos que eran raros. ¡Si, ya se! LLOVÍA TODO EL RATO!

Just can't get rid of them! Every now and then I read them -these and a few more I kept- and smile feeling my friends next to me. Each one of these SMS is a true vision of each one of their authors. Shame I had to get rid of some of Xavi's w3ird sp4nis# minimal sms -unreadible, specially when he's drunk while writing them!!!!

Well. Enough for today.