Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Wasting time

Can't remember tne name of this minor goth band I saw at a small club in the 80s, whose record I haven't listened to for ages... yet keep remembering and singing to my self the words "In my dreams... I keep wasting time/ wasting time, time, wasting time/wasting time, time -wasting time" it was a north-european techno/dark band, something like The Iceberg Project. Should check if I still have the e.p. or lost it in my 2-year-storage of boxes where I lost soooo many things I treasured.

Been playing with my blog, as you may notice. Lost it and re-organized it many times.

Been online to a girl i used to work with, who left Takezo at the time I'd announced I was leaving to.

Been reading Una vida absurda produce desvarios, Mwah!, MinJungKim.com - Braindump v 5.0...

Been reading a friend's Homepage as am thinking of him coz am reading the book he'd lent me.

Been losing myself in the web, so I can stop considering over and over what I'm going to do with my future.

So now must hurry to the pet shop, before it closes... and then off to the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona to the MECAL sessions


(later, in a different frame of mind, after a few hours of Mecal...)

Just remembered it wasn't The Iceberg Project, but The Iceberg Model-still, the only entry for them in yahoo or Google is the picture of the record I have, plus this Mailorder!!!

Yeah, still with hte words in my mind.

Vel, I saw the dj you were stalking at 23 and La Paloma, remember? He was at the Mecal film festival. Still looking as intense.


Iwan Manjak said...


Thank's for keep on reading and me, and for linking to my page :)

Anonymous said...

Which dj? The one from 23 or the one from City Hall and La Paloma? If we're talking intense looking- must be the second one.He he, V