Friday, August 20, 2004

Justo Gallego and his cathedral

been to Fundacio Miro yesterday, to an exhibition I was really interested in visiting: The beauty of failure / The failure of beauty.

It was very interesting in some parts, Good texts too involving derrida, Bataille, Deleuze... yet other bits perhaps less captivating for me, but Eva, who was with me, was asking for a bit of guidance on Romanticism and Wagner... to understand parts of the exhibition, so we had a chance to discuss subjects I usually don't talk about with her.

I was amazed and needed to find out more about Justo Gallego, ths man who 40 years ago started building a cathedral near Madrid. Here goes an article in English, no pics : Don Justo's Self-Built Cathedral: A metaphoric learnings for contemporary alternative initiatives; one in Spanish, with pics: La Catedral de Don Justo; and one in Italian... If you have any firat hand info on him, please tell me. Am considering who I can get to take me to visit Mejorada del Campo...

P.S. Why are the exhibition catalogues so expensive???!!! I wanted to buy this one, it's quite good actually, but can't afford the 35 euro, find it abusive.


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