Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Well, seems milder this time

But I'm not happy at all about this new thing. I'm talking about Bernard coming up with me taking him to jail. This is no joke, I got to talk to my lawyer, but as he's a free lawyer I got when assaulted and chased, and the thing is supposed to be over with, I'm feeling he's not too interested in helping.

Not fair, sorry: he did remember who I am, actually said he thought he'd seen B. on tv, on a football match, in the audience... and said he hadn't received my fax, but would fax me the documents I wanted this morning, around 9ish. It is now almost half past one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shall have to phone him again. Waiting to get the documents so I can phone B. ands get things straight.

But, also, now he feels I am really not trying to hurt him-big relief! Finally!- but am being confused and deceited by my lawyer. I said he'd missed all the hearings, he should have been there to see how I was being tempted into declaring all sorts of shit about him, but didn't. My lawyer was also asking once and again if I couldn't say he was selling drugs in his shop, which I always denied.

It would have been so easy, but I didn't want to hurt him even when he was warning me it would be nasty if he saw me in the street... I really never wanted to get him into big trouble, but needed to protect myself and my son.

Yesterday B. said he'd also brought some african herbs for me, for my health problems with my head -prolactinemia due to a megaprolactinoma removed 6 years ago, constant control -yearly revisions, scans, etc, and medication per life.

And yes, it is supposed to make your sexual impulses go down. Hell knows how I'd be if I didn't have this!!!

But I don't think I dare take anything he gives me now!!!!!!