Monday, April 19, 2004


I just got this phone call, right now, from my son's father. According to him, he'll be put into jail 'coz of my accusations over two years ago, when he broke into my flat, breaking my door down, windows, hitting me, and all that shit.

He'd not turned up to any of the hearings before the trial, but went on making all these nasty phone calls and scaring the shit out of me. And, just before the trial -almost two years afterwards- he finally met an agreement and I was told the trial was cancelled and he'd not go to jail, but had to pay a certain amount every moth and would eventually pay me back for the things he broke that night. But I was told, as a first offence, he wouldn't go to jail.

Since, for the last 6-8 months I've had no direct news from him, he said the last time we spoke that he didn't want to know anything about me nor our son, and he finally let me live my own life -he's got this 6-year-old and this 4-year-old daughters with a woman who's helping me out, so he's well settled that way.

Now he's just called me and said that he's gonna spend 2 years in jail 'coz of me, I said it wasn't so, and he says he's gotta pay me € 850 coz I say he broke my head, when I said he'd broken my door and windows and that's why he had to pay for that, and have his parental rights removed due to lack of dedication and of responsability, plus fear of further abuse. I guess he didn't pay the low figure he was supposed to give in monthly.

But I'd stopped many other things they wanted to bring up against him -they wanted me to declare he was selling drugs, and they wanted me to claim the money he'd never given me for his son, about €150 monthly estipulated after his assault, which I never claimed...

I'm getting scared.