Friday, April 23, 2004

Night in tonight

Sant Jordi is in Catalonia, besides the day books have a 10% discount, and offers are sold everywhere, the Catalan Valentine's day: boy gets girl a rose, girl gets boy a book.

Besides the fact that a book is more interesting than a rose, that it lasts longer, that it (usually) has some use, and that it is sooo simple I'm not going into the macho man idea of rose v. Book, there is also another drawback. men do not seem to read as much as women do, at least in Spain and generally speaking, so we women end up buying the book we want to borrow from the dear guy.

Or, as I usually do, buy books on offer for ourselves.

But, corny as it may be, seeing so many couples hand-in-hand with the chick carrying her rose does depress me a bit

Reminds me that the price for independence and not compromising is not getting your Sant Jordi rose

But it's worse still having a boyfriend and not getting the rose, after you bought him a book he might actually flick through -yeesss, it did happen sometime, ok?

So I guess i'll drawn my bitterness in beer tonight -if I can't get hold of a new bottle of Moscatel!

Just hope if I get some company he doesn't drink as much as last time -ok?