Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Got (almost) all my stuff out from Joan's place

And now we've defrosted by talking and laughing for hours, and after sleeping together on Saturday, and after his first moment of uneasiness/guilt on Sunday, that was soon controlled and we had lunch together, but I'd have gone out with him, but he didn't suggest anything... yesterday he was really back to himself, good vibes, didn't have much time to talk 'coz I had my friend waiting in a badly parked car, to fill it up with my stuff, but when I had my last box i my hands he tried to talk me into sitting down for a while, rest, have a drink and keep him company a bit more. I had to remind him I had my friend waiting in the car downstairs!!!

So he was also joking about me better going by today, to meet his current girlfriend, as she'd be suspicious if I'd moved everything while she wasn't there, specially by going last night and being on our own, instead of tonight... he said. Hahaha, and now he comes up with this! no, he was just joking. But would be nice if I passed by to say hi, he said.

As I was leaving in a hurry -had to get my stuff home and had a date waiting for me!- he mentioned he'd probably go out, to a disco I'd love to go back to with him, but I stood in my place -good job I had the date, good way not to give in!

He phoned and txt messaged me a few more times during the night.

Finding excuses why I should pass by. And joking about teenager excuses, I left my bag at your place sort of stuff. I asked him, 'Do I really need that sort of excuses to pass by your place?' And he agreed it was not my style to play silly excuses like that.

Glad he's my friend again