Monday, April 19, 2004

2nd call in an hour or so?

No, man!!!!!!!! we're not back to that!!!!

I told him I'd call when I could, 'coz I was at work and couldn't talk then, and he's called me before my lunch break, again!!???

I'm not gonna go through all this shit again

Just a few weeks ago I was feeling down and missing what he used to be, and how he's totally lost

just a few days ago Nate was telling me he seemed to be better, he hadn't seen him personally for months but someone he knew kept in touch, and he was usually nasty and rude, but the lat time she saw him he was ok and relaxed, so according to Nate I should give it a try and talk to him...

I said the fact that he was ok that day, at that moment didn't mean shit to me, and anyway he had my number in case he wanted to contact

He sure has it!!!!!!!!

Wonder if I should get Nate into this? He may be able to help, being anothe rasta and knowing him for a long time, you know, he may know how to deal with him

I'm out of this.

Shall talk to my lawyer, get him to fax me the final decisions they gave me.