Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Bodyfriend still around

New word to use when not a boyfriend nor just a friend: Bodyfriend!!!

Came out of my friend Jose Luis trying to speak English with Vel and Imran, it was a really funny night with sooo many weird words and expressions coming out, but the one that's staying is BODYFRIEND!!!!!!!

By the way, still waiting for the phonecall my ex boyfriend promised to make in 30-45 minutes, last night at 9 p.m.

By midnight I sms him I understood he'd not decided where to hang the clock in his new flat.

Got his excuses, fixing up a wardrobe, and he's supposed to call me today -I'm used to him, I'd be shocked the day he phones immediately hahaha

Anyway, the reason why we were supposed to talk this time is about B.'s phonecalls, he was there when B. broke into my home, and through all the shit B. gave me during about 16 months, so I wanted to talk to him about this new contact.