Thursday, April 08, 2004

Busy days, busy nights

Vel is at my place!!!!!!!!! Poor girl has managed to find the way through bags and boxes to climb into bed -so much stuff back from Joan's place just before she arrived!

Been making the most of not having my son around and having fun and masculin company quite often -much to my closer friends' fun, like 'Aurea is back to her old self, like years ago' -Jose Luis telling Vel, for instance, 'But you should have seen her when she was with her boyfriend, men around her as usual while her boyfriend was dancing in the distance, showing her off, and she was teasing and later on zooming off with her prince' -all this infront of this nice cute guy I met though messenger and who joined us last night. I started to think they'd scare him off!!!

Reminds me of some time ago, Hugo's obsession about either imagining his dad became wonderfully fantastic again, or asking my friends if they'll marry me (he asked Manu and James, as far as I remember, and I think someone else but can't remember who!) Good job in htis case, they were mates who just laughed, and even tried to explain -James said he wouldn't mind, but his wife might!

Weeell, friends joking about Toy Boy... but he's so cute and sweet