Friday, October 22, 2004

How can I be so busy...

...when I'm not working???
  • By helping my friends when they are ill or had an
  • By offering to help those who are packing their stuff to leave this goddamn expensive city
  • By wasting spending time at my son's school, helping at the PTA (AMPA) office
  • By spending hours at the cyber checking infojobs and other offers elsewhere
  • By going to interviews and tests, being passed on to second interviews, and no further
  • By blogging about these interviews, or these work efficiency tests, and then losing the post because the pc at this damned cyber goes freaky and erases everything before I can save
  • By playing around with both my blogs, and reading endless posts here and there...
  • By cleaning and re-decorating my flat, now I have time to do it! hahahaaha, can't lie!!!!!!!!
  • By checking silly things as my trackbacks, the updates and comments at Que Buscas QUÉ?! ... by the way, it seems I'm search by my name, more than once...

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