Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Brazuca Matraca

Posting in a hurry. Might have time later to change it... but have a meeting in 20 minutes...

Am going to see Wagner play tonight*, at Sidecar... his band's last gig in Barcelona this year -see link to his webpage on your left, in my Links list!

The story: I was at a bar with a friend a few weekends ago, and saw this gig advertised. Felt like going, but being a Tuesday thought I'd better forget about it. Then I told Eva about it, so we planned to leave Hugo with her daughter, and go together and then sleep at her place. So: a rush tomorrow morning -her flat is much further away from Hugo's school- and I'll have to take my interview clothes for tomorrow morning -second round for a temp job I'm interested in!!! ;)


* P.D.: I really had a good time!