Friday, October 01, 2004

Fira del Llibre-II

God! Am a bookoholic, always have been, but sometimes my B:A: sessions seem to work better than others!

And in case it ain't enough with the books I have at home, waiting to be read, and the ones I've already thought of re-reading, I have been buying quite a load of them lately, reduced prices and little treasures...

On this same blog I've been talking about the load of books I bought before hugo came back, and then at my B-tracks I spoke about the ones I got last weekend at the Fira del Llibre, now I passed by again and bought some Unamuno essays I hadn't read yet for only 1.80 euro, an Elmore Leonard -in Spanish, though :(- I hadn't read yet for 2 euro, and Infernaliana , by Charles Nodier , in French also for 2 euro!

Am logging off, to get back home and read a bit ;)