Thursday, December 11, 2003

Poor Eva's in trouble too!

Eva, my friend who is living on her own with her teenage daughter -Twice her size and four times her strenght, plus a tomboy and tough girl, while Eva has always been Happy-go-lucky- is in deep shit, too.
Last Friday we made a special dinner for us two, and drank a bottle of whine against the world while helping her out on her University tasks, and smoothing out rows between her and her daughter.
A month ago, I wouldn't have guessed the next time I had a weekend to myself, without my son, I would be cooking prawns & sardines for Eva instead of going out 'till early hours with Joan. Plus, she's my friend through Joan, so she's in a difficult position rigth now, on my side as a woman who has gone through similar shit during her life as I have, but of course, Joan is her friend and has been for ages.
Last night we had a few telephone conversations. I have to keep reminding her that her daughter's attitude is typical in the Teens, and her phoning Dad, who lives elsewhere and has no relationship with them,, nor helps out moneywise of course, is a usual way of testing her power.
I keep telling her this, so that she'll remind me in a few years, when my son Hugo is in his teens and serching for help against my rules in his absent dad.