Monday, November 24, 2003

What is going on??

Bad gets worse.
Loosing Joan by moments, can't get in touch of him and he is promising to phone, then disappears for three days and replies to no text messages or phone calls... Then turns up again, changing subject whenever I try to get to the point, and seeming more or less normal 'till he disappears from my life again...
As I have no time for myself these days, it doesn't help much: I'm not going to turn up at his place to confront him with my son tagging along, and have had no weekends to myself for a month now.
It really hurts. And he is the guy who keeps listening to all his friends' stories about nasty boyfriends and says they are simply childish and don't know how to handle a relationship? And now he just seems to be hiding from me, without a word about whatever is really going on in his mind???
Can hardly concentrate on work, let alone give a good impression when interviewed for new positions...