Monday, October 29, 2007

4 years already!

Google Calendar just beeped me: it's 4 years since I started O.K.! O.K.!

I know I've neglected this blog, and am too busy tweeting away or frenetically adding blurred pics to Flickr, or having a beer or two with my friends, going to some concert -or even working!:P

I've mentioned this anniversary on my Spanish blog -with a parallel post, slightly different- and I can not resist the idea of recommending you, English readers to check out the great idea Papel Contínuo has had: they've compiled a CD worth of great '70s and '80s songs, plus a couple of current bands, related to ghoulish stories suitable for Halloween: Tonadillas para un Guateque de Jalogüín ;-)

See you soon, I hope, and have fun!