Friday, October 31, 2003

Hi, sweet pie!!!

Hello, Velena!!! Got your email -miss you soooooo much!
As you see, you can keep up with my stuff now.

Hello to anyone in Denmark with a fashion business: my friend is sick of internships and needs a job!!! She's a good designer, and has been through most of the satges in the fashion industry -yeah, she's good at fixing hanging boxes, too! Not just a pretty face!!!

They are reading this!!!

Oh my god!! They are reading it!!!???
Just got reply from the so-called Vina, in Middle East -with the missing info I'd been requesting!!!
Vina?? VINA??? HELLO????
Thanks for the info, anyway!
-or is it just coincidence?

Why such a hurry, and then no news for days???

I hate people who try to abuse you into doing something -i.e., pay off a credit note for some returned goods, at work: They email, fax and phone you threee or four times a day from the other side of the world, and when you finally get your boss to agree, then there is something missing -IBAN number? VAT number? ACCOUNT NUMBER???- and, as you´d gladly email something like "As soon as you give me the fucking account number, I shall pay you the 50 euro you have been complaining about" (it spells out slightly different, but they get the tone) -they suddenly dissappear! No further news in ten days!!!??? -HELLO, ARE YOU READING THIS, MS. VINA???

Oooohhhh, the joys of Customer Service...

Link into my favourites!

I've just added some links: One is to El Jueves, a very famous Spanish weekly, known as a)The Main Souce of Information for Students and Youngsters, and b) The Favourite Toilet Read -it seems that, in many a questionnaire, most people take it to the restroom to read.

I'll admit I used to read it hidden in English Text Books... while controling my students, sitting exams!!!!. Yes, I used to teach English, as 95% of the Brits living in Barcelona and without enough money to set up a bar!!!

I changed my carreer three years ago, and am about to do so again -as explained during this week.

Another link is to a site which is really amazing: It locates nursery pictures out of classified files in many hospitals -are you in it? My sister is!!


Yesterday's interview had to be followed up by a Feedback Form, which I couldn't get to from my work computer as it was a .doc, and we do not work with Office, but with old-fashioned Lotus system. So, after visiting a customer of ours whom owed us money since May -all this after my regular work hours- I got to my boyfriend's place, left my son sleeping on the couch, went to a cyberpoint to see to the mail and just caught them closing. I explained -on my knees- that it was vital for a job it was after, and managed to sneak in and do it while he was closing... just to get him peek over my shoulder all the time and offer to send the attachment himself once I'd completed the form. O.k., o.k.! as the title says, but this morning, when I got to check my email together with my work emails, TACHANN TACHANN... I've got a message saying they could not read my attachment, it was in a strange format, and could I please re-send it in Word!!!!!

Finally solved by appologizing and asking them to copy & paste the form onto the email, so that I could visualize it.

Promoting my friend's band

My friend Wagner has a great band, and I'd like you guys to know more about it. Go to and have a look around!

Thursday, October 30, 2003


Been to the n-th interview... But, at least, lately I'm finding more interesting jobs to apply for!

Keeping my hopes up for the 2nd round on the "Marketing Assistant" I'm having next week, as there's only two more people to beat (up?!-ha!) for this one. The interview today was o.k., but not specially promising -anyway, one never knows!

God! My boss' nephews are driving us all nuts!!! They're stupid, unable to do anything at all, and are here JUST TO CONTROL WHAT EVERYONE IS DOING!! But then, they act as if they had established the firm themselves... I got my boss to mark the prices on all the discount items on sale for the next month and a half, as I am invoicing the stuff and Nephew 2 - Fester Addams, to us- was charging from 12 euro extra to double the price for last year's clothes!!!

Good job that now, as I've already made it official that I'm leaving, Mini Barbie Pink Pants is no longer playing tricks on me, and actually is ALMOST NICE TO ME!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Hello, friends and all!!! Starting right now, I shall be a new cibernetic moaner... Laughing at all the weird stuff going on around me, and complaining just enough to unwind...

Shall be at it soon again!