Thursday, October 30, 2003


Been to the n-th interview... But, at least, lately I'm finding more interesting jobs to apply for!

Keeping my hopes up for the 2nd round on the "Marketing Assistant" I'm having next week, as there's only two more people to beat (up?!-ha!) for this one. The interview today was o.k., but not specially promising -anyway, one never knows!

God! My boss' nephews are driving us all nuts!!! They're stupid, unable to do anything at all, and are here JUST TO CONTROL WHAT EVERYONE IS DOING!! But then, they act as if they had established the firm themselves... I got my boss to mark the prices on all the discount items on sale for the next month and a half, as I am invoicing the stuff and Nephew 2 - Fester Addams, to us- was charging from 12 euro extra to double the price for last year's clothes!!!

Good job that now, as I've already made it official that I'm leaving, Mini Barbie Pink Pants is no longer playing tricks on me, and actually is ALMOST NICE TO ME!!!