Friday, October 31, 2003

Link into my favourites!

I've just added some links: One is to El Jueves, a very famous Spanish weekly, known as a)The Main Souce of Information for Students and Youngsters, and b) The Favourite Toilet Read -it seems that, in many a questionnaire, most people take it to the restroom to read.

I'll admit I used to read it hidden in English Text Books... while controling my students, sitting exams!!!!. Yes, I used to teach English, as 95% of the Brits living in Barcelona and without enough money to set up a bar!!!

I changed my carreer three years ago, and am about to do so again -as explained during this week.

Another link is to a site which is really amazing: It locates nursery pictures out of classified files in many hospitals -are you in it? My sister is!!